In addition to conducting cutting-edge research, IPEP have also delivered transformational impact projects with high-profile organisations. Here are examples of some of our recent impact projects:

Individualised Pressure Training for World-Best Cricketers

Following on from IPEPs influential work to develop mental toughness in academy cricketers, in 2016 we embarked upon a new phase of work with the England and Wales Cricket Board focused on developing individualised pressure training programmes designed to help optimize the performance of each player during the most critical moments of international competition. Since 2016, IPEP staff have profiled and developed bespoke training recommendations for all players in the England Lions, England Pace Bowling Programme, and the England Men’s and Women’s cricket teams. The recommendations we developed were actioned in the build up to the 2019 Men’s Cricket World Cup, and a highlight of this collaboration was seeing England win this competition for the first time in their history.

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Blurred Vision Training Improves Hazard Perception in New Drivers

In 2017, IPEP won a research grant from AXA to apply our expertise in psychophysiology and skill acquisition to driver safety. We used eye-tracking and brain imaging technology to examine how learner versus experienced drivers process and respond to road hazards. We then developed a training programme that used real-time monitoring to subtly blur out different parts of the visual field in learner drivers as they watched video clips of developing road hazards akin to those used in the hazard perception component of the UK driving test. We found that the subtle blurring of peripheral vision helps learner drivers to more effectively recognise and respond to hazards and in 2019 we received ESRC impact funding to further develop this new training method with hazard perception training companies in order to promote enhanced road safety.

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The Great British Medallists Research Project

Commissioned by UK Sport, this project was an in-depth study of 32 former GB athletes from Olympic sports.  Sixteen of these athletes were Super-Elite athletes who had won at least one gold medal at either an Olympic Games or a World Championship, plus at least one other medal at a subsequent Olympic Games or World Championship. The other sixteen Elite athletes were funded, international athletes who had not received medals at either a World Championship or an Olympic Games.

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Improving Elite Sports Coaching in Wales

This programme of research (part funded by Sport Wales) began in 2006 and aimed at improving the quality of coach education in Wales using novel approaches to upskill high-level coaches.

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What is Mental Toughness?

 The conceptualisation and measurement of Mental Toughness is controversial and has been the subject of considerable debate amongst researchers. However, recent programmes of research within IPEP are making important steps in overcoming these controversies whilst identifying a neuropsychological basis of Mental Toughness. Our work has led to the development of mental toughness training programmes in professional cricket, rugby, swimming and the military.

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