IPEP offers research and consultancy services to organisations, groups, and individuals within business, sport and military settings.

All of our consultancy activity is focused towards meeting the needs of our clients, and so is driven by what our clients want, as opposed to any pre-planned agenda. The work we do is always underpinned by psychological theory and knowledge so that clients can be confident that they are receiving a high quality, evidence-based service.


IPEP members work with organisations of all types with the aim of creating effective organisational climates. Through collaboration with our consultants, the organisation is aided in developing a vision of where it wishes to go, and members are then supported AND challenged to achieve this vision. A key aspect of this process is providing a service to particular personnel (e.g., managers) to increase their understanding and confidence to integrate principles of performance psychology into their own daily activities with those that they work with.


We work with groups of all types and sizes (e.g., from army sections to sports teams) with the aim of developing effective inter-group functioning and to aid well being and performance. We can do this in two ways: 1) by facilitating interactive group workshops that focus on particular topics that are deemed important by our clients (e.g. building cohesive teams, building confidence within a team), and 2) working alongside coaches and managers to enable these individuals to integrate psychological principles into their own activities.


IPEP members can provide one on one consultancy services to individuals with the aims of facilitating high level performance and developing psychological well being. Within this service, clients are encouraged to take an active role in the development of completely individualised intervention packages, based on a detailed assessment of their needs, to enhance the quality of training and performance.

High-profile organizations we have worked with include:

  • England and Wales Cricket Board
  • UK Sport
  • Sport Wales
  • Rugby Football Union
  • British Gymnastics
  • GB Rowing
  • English Institute of Sport
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • City Football Group (Manchester City FC)
  • Outlook Expeditions
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Youth Justice Service
  • National Health Service

Research Collaborations

In addition to working with external organisations, IPEP staff have established research collaborations with colleagues in various Universities across the world. We enjoy working with all our research collaborators. Some of our most well-established research collaborations include:

  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Suffolk
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Loughborough University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • University of Thessaly, Greece
  • Western University, Canada
  • University of Windsor, Canada
  • Curtin University, Australia
  • University of Waikato, New Zealand