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IPEP's Niamh Reilly is selected as a Delegate for the 2011 Special Olympics

IPEP PhD student,  Niamh Reilly, has been selected as a Student Delegate for the 2011 Special Olympics World Games in Athens this June.  Niamh is currently conducting research on the movement capabilities of individuals with Down’s Syndrome as part of a successful ESF funded KESS scholarship between academic staff at IPEP (Dr. Gavin Lawrence and Prof. Michael Khan) and the company partner Mencap Cymru. The aims of the Delegation are to highlight the work of the next generation of researchers to help expand the Special Olympic movement and improve the field of study around intellectual disabilities.


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This worldwide search for PhD students conducting research within the field of intellectual disability was undertaken to allow high performing individuals to showcase their research to important members of the Special Olympics World Games delegation. Niamh was one of only twelve students selected worldwide and will present the findings from her first PhD study conducted as part of the IPEP and Mencap Cymru KESS project.  She has been given full access to all sporting events at the games and has been asked to be part of a larger group of scholars at the Games who will participate in additional sessions focusing on new areas of intellectual disability research and shaping Special Olympics future research agenda.


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