The Great British Medalists Research Project

Commissioned by UK Sport, this project was an in-depth study of 32 former GB athletes from Olympic sports.  Sixteen of these athletes were Super-Elite athletes who had won at least one gold medal at either an Olympic Games or a World Championship, plus at least one other medal at a subsequent Olympic Games or World Championship. The other sixteen Elite athletes were funded, international athletes who had not received medals at either a World Championship or an Olympic Games.

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Improving Elite Sports Coaching in Wales

This programme of research (part funded by Sport Wales) began in 2006 and aimed at improving the quality of coach education in Wales using novel approaches to upskill high-level coaches.

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Mental Toughness

The conceptualisation and measurement of Mental Toughness is controversial and has been the subject of considerable debate amongst researchers. However, recent programmes of research within IPEP are making important steps in overcoming these controversies whilst identifying a neuropsychological basis of Mental Toughness.

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