Skill Acquisition  

12 camera Vicon Motion Analysis system

The skill acquisition research at Bangor is centred around methods of manipulating the practice environment to enhance learning and motor performance. Researchers at Bangor demonstrate expertise in a diverse range of areas including structuring the practice environment, conveying information through attentional focus and observational learning, delivery of feedback and coping strategies for anxious performance. A particular strength of the institute is that we are able to bring together internationally recognised expertise in psychology and motor performance to maximise research potential and really understand the learning and performance environment. 

Key publications

Lawrence, G.P., Kingston, K., & Gottwald, V.M. (2013). Skill Acquisition for Coaches in Jones, R.L., & Kingston, K. (Ed. 2). An introduction to sports coaching: connecting theory to practice, Abingdon: Routledge.

Lawrence, G.P., Beattie, S., Cassell, V., Woodman, T., Khan, M.A., Hardy, L., & Gottwald, V.M. (2013). Practice with anxiety improves performance, but only when anxious: Evidence for the specificity of practice hypothesis. Psychological Research, 78, 634-650.

Lawrence, G.P., Gottwald, V.M., & Khan, M.A. (2012). The movement kinematics and learning strategies associated with adopting different foci of attention during both acquisition and anxious performance. Frontiers in Movement Science and Sport Psychology, 3, 468, 1-11. 

Key Staff

Gavin Lawrence

vicky gottwald

Andrew Cooke

Dr Gavin Lawrence

Dr Vicky Gottwald

Dr Andrew Cooke


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Jordan Senior

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