High Risk Sport

High-risk sports are evidently growing in popularity globally. Our work challenges previous perceptions that high-risk sportspeople are a homogenous risk-taking population. Through the development of new measurement tools, we have explored the relative psychological profiles of people who engage in high-risk sports.

More recently, we have begun to explore the specific psychological growth opportunities that high-risk sports might provide.

Key publications

Barlow, M., Woodman, T., & Hardy, L. (2013). Great expectations: Different high-risk activities satisfy different motives. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, 105, 458-475.

Woodman, T., Barlow, M., Bandura, C., Hill, M., Kupciw, D., & MacGregor, A. (2013). Not all risks are equal: The risk-taking inventory for high-risk sports. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 35, 479-492.

Woodman, T., Hardy, L., Barlow, M., & Le Scanff, C. (2010). Motives for participating in prolonged engagement high-risk sports: An agentic emotion regulation perspective. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 11, 345-352.

Key Staff

Prof Tim Woodman

Prof Lew Hardy

Dr Matt Barlow


Alexandra MacGregor

Alex MacGregor