Perceptual-Motor Control

Current research is extremely advanced in our understanding of human cognition but similar levels of understanding have not yet been achieved in relation to human movement. In an attempt to bridge this gap, researchers at Bangor have focused on some of the mechanisms underlying movement; specifically targeting the use of vison in the execution and control of movements, feedback processing, motor programming and the interactions between perception and action.

Key publications

Lawrence, G.P., Khan, M.A., Mourton, S., & Bernier, P. (2011). The reliance on visual feedback for online and offline processing. Motor Control15 (2): 232-246.

Khan, M.A, Franks, I.M., Elliott, D., Lawrence, G.P., Chua, R., Bernier, P., Hansen, S., & Weeks, D.J.  (2006). Inferring online and offline processing of visual feedback in target-directed movements from kinematic data. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 30, 1106-1121.

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Key Staff

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